Exterior House Rendering Services

Exterior House rendering is a great way to refresh the exterior of your property. In order to give the best outcome, we will prepare the surface by removing loose, flaking paint, treating algae and cleaning the surface. Any loose render would be removed, and new render would be applied to blend in with the existing render.

We then fill any minor cracks with high-quality filler, bigger cracks would need to be stitched with helical steel bars. Once the exterior surface has been prepared, we can apply a long-life render coating in the texture and colour of your choice to provide an attractive finish.

By choosing a full external wall render, you will see significant improvements in your home's thermal performance, reducing your energy bills and saving you money.

If your property has damaged rendering already, or you would like to give the exterior of your house a refreshing new look, our range of coloured rendering can help bring a wide range of benefits to your property.

Benefits of House Rendering:

  • Remains the same colour throughout its lifespan
  • Waterproof and weatherproof
  • Various finishes available
  • Will not fade
  • Insulates the house
  • Can be applied to almost any house or building
  • Improved thermal performance