Protective Wall Coatings

We provide a range of protective wall coatings for your property, including masonry creme, facade coating, water repellent, and wood protection. All our wall coatings have been tested for durability, thermal insulating properties, breathability, and water repellency.

Masonry Creme:

This clear coating system is used on brick, stone, concrete, and sandstone. The product penetrates up to 17 mm into the substrate to provide a one-coat invisible insulation barrier. Our Masonry Creme service offers your property a layer of protection from the elements as well as a self-cleaning, hydrophobic surface, that improves the thermal efficiency of the Masonry.


Water Repellent:

Our Water Repellent wall coating is a one-coat super hydrophobic (water repellent) clear coating that can be used on all external surfaces, including absorbent roof tiles. This stops water from soaking into the tiles, allowing moss/algae to grow and cause damage to the tiles. It is a great way to keep your roof in great condition and ensure your roof tiles last for years to come.