Basement Tanking

Basement tanking is the application of a liquid waterproof coating (also known as slurry) to the walls and floor of the basement. It is used to treat and prevent damp walls by stopping water ingress, effectively making the walls permanently watertight.

For basement tanking to work well it needs to be applied to stable, undamaged walls. HomeFix Contractors have years of experience in Basement Tanking and will ensure exceptional attention is paid to the preparation and weak points in the basement, such as the wall to floor joint. This guarantees your basement will be dry for years to come, ready to be used as a practical space.

Basement tanking is often needed when there is an isolated problem with dampness in the basement. Areas with poor drainage and a high-water table can be problematic causing basements and cellars to become permanently damp. Tanking systems use a cementitious coating which meets the industry guidelines for structural waterproofing, ensuring they are kept dry.

Benefits of Basement Tanking:

  • Increase usable space
  • Reduce energy bills
  • Avoid long-term damage to property
  • Lower risk of flooding