Solar Panel Repairs

HomeFix Contractors can repair and maintain a wide range of solar panel systems, from small domestic systems to commercial systems containing hundreds of panels.

Solar panel systems are usually very reliable but, as with most things, they can occasionally go wrong. If your solar panel system has stopped generating energy or seems to be generating less energy than usual, one of our expert solar panel engineers can come and assess the system, identify the problem and resolve it as soon as possible to ensure that your Solar Panel System is back up to full working order.

As with most electrical repairs, we suggest you do not attempt to fix solar panel issues problem yourself if you are not qualified to do so. Not only will it be potentially very dangerous, but you could also void the manufactures warranty agreement. We highly recommend getting a professional and trained specialist (such as HomeFix Contractors) to inspect and repair any Solar Panel issues you may have.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Keeping solar panels clean, free from shade and in good working order is vital to solar panel maintenance and performance. Any reduction in the amount of the suns energy your solar panel receives will affect the efficiency and energy produced by the panels. Most commonly used solar panels consist of solar cells covered by a protective glass coating. The dirtier this glass barrier becomes, the more the efficiency of the solar panel will decrease.

More attention should be given to panels situated in dusty or high traffic areas, for example; next to a main road, or near farmland. These solar panels will need cleaning more frequently than others as the dust and dirt build up will be significantly more.