Spray Foam Insulation & Removal

Spray foam insulation is a spray material applied wet which then expands and sets into firm foam. Because of its large coverage area, it fits in between small gaps and cracks. Spray Foam can not only be installed in wall cavities, but it is useful to insulate hard-to-reach areas such as around piping, wiring, etc.

Advantages of Spray Foam Insulation:

  • Reduce your energy bills
  • Maximize the energy efficiency of your property
  • Increase Sound Proofing
  • Protect against air and moisture access

Spray foam insulation can be used anywhere in your property, from internal and cavity walls to roofs and lofts. Spray Foam Insulation has a range of benefits, including helping to reduce condensation, improve soundproofing and dramatically reduce your energy bills.

Our Spray insulation service will also improve the quality of air in your home by protecting your family from allergens and other airborne pollutants with it's filtering breathability.

Spray Foam Removal

Spray foam may sometimes need to be removed from your existing property. If your current insulation is not performing as well as it should or is damaged, HomeFix Contractors can remove the current foam insulation and replace it with a new installation of spray foam to ensure maximum insulation improvements. When installed by professionals such as HomeFix Contractors, Spray Foam insulation can deliver energy savings of 45% or more throughout the life of your property.