Patio and Driveway Cleaning

HomeFix Contractors offer a range of professional cleaning services for your outdoor surfaces such as driveways, patios and paths.

With help from top of the range cleaning equipment, HomeFix Contractors experienced team will clean your patio or any other outdoor surface around your property, bringing you outstanding results.

Patio Cleaning Services

Driveways and patios constructed with Block Paving are extremely resilient and long-lasting, however, they do require maintenance and cleaning to keep them looking as best as possible.

Being one of the main focal points when you enter a property, a clean driveway can transform the appearance of your home’s exterior. Driveway cleaning is also important to ensure the longevity of your driveway.

Driveway Cleaning

Our professional driveway and patio cleaners can bring your tired, dirty and dull driveway back to life, making it look brand new again. We can clean and restore your Driveway or Patio using our high-pressure cleaning systems, we can also re-sand the paving blocks should it be needed.

Over time, driveways become covered in dust, soil, stains, and oil. Making them slippery and unsafe, it may result in the concrete or paved surface eroding and pitting. Our cleaning process will ensure your surface is clean and safe.