Roof Rafter Installation

Our certified Berkshire contractors provide affordable, reliable and professional roof rafter repair, reinforcement, inspection and installation services for commercial properties, buildings and residential homes.

Roof rafters are an important structural part of the roof. Generally laid side by side, providing a base to support roof decks and roof covers. Rafters are usually made from timber or steel and can be concealed within the roof structure, or can be left exposed to the spaces below.

In modern house construction, a popular form of rafter is known as the fink or 'w' trussed rafter. This consists of a rafter incorporating raft members in the shape of a W. Capable of spans up to 12 meters and can be designed to accommodate different pitch angles, making it a very versatile rafter.

Roof Rafter Repairs

Roof rafters are vital to the strength of your roof, having damaged roof rafters can be a very large safety concern and become a costly fix if left untreated. Some of the main causes of Roof Rafter failures are:

  • Penetrating Damp
  • Rot and Insect Attack
  • Joint Failure

If you notice any of the above we suggest you contact HomeFix Contractors as soon as possible to arrange an appointment. One of our roofing specialists will come to inspect the damage to see if it is repairable, or if a new rafter is required.