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Local & Trusted Roof Repair Specialists SL5

Here at Homefix, we have vast experience and expertise in renewing or repairing all types of roofs. We understand that even the highest quality roofs can develop faults or damage over time. Our roof repair services are designed to repair a wide range of faults or even prevent them from happening altogether.

Our roof repair team are extremely skilled, qualified, and insured. We have the equipment and experience to undertake a wide range of roof repair jobs, from minor roof leaks to complete new roofs.

Many years of professionalism and experience have ensured that we have become a reputable and established roofing repair specialist throughout the Sunningdale area, working with private residences and commercial businesses.

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Small roof repair in Sunningdale

Minor Roof Repairs

The importance of minor roof damage can often go unnoticed. A tiny leak and the resulting wet patch can develop into a major problem that affects and weakens the main structure of your home, requiring extensive and costly repair bills. It’s important to fix the small issues as soon as they arise to prevent any unnecessary further damage to your property.

Our team aims to not only fix the problem but prevent it returning.

We pride ourselves on our knowledge of common roof issues, and more importantly, how to repair them. No matter the type or size of the roof, we’re confident that we can provide you with a professional and complete roof repair service.

Get it checked now!

If you need a roof leak repair or notice something amiss with your roof, you need to have it inspected and repaired as soon as possible to prevent further costly damage occurring down the line.

Our roofers in Sunningdale provide quality roof repairs, so whether your roof was damaged by age, a storm or general wear and tear we can help.

Roof Repairs & Surveys in Sunningdale

Common roof repair contracts that we carry out:

  • Detecting and repairing leaks
  • Replacing broken or slipped tiles and slates
  • Re-sealing or renewing flashings
  • Replacing entire roof coverings or structural supports
  • Flat roof repairs: rubber, fibreglass, felt and more
  • Renewing old pointing, brickwork, or flaunchings
  • Carrying out inspection surveys
  • Cleaning or repairing guttering and downpipes
  • Installing new fascia, soffits, and barge boards
  • Roof moss removal, cleaning, coating, and sealing
  • Velux roof window repairs
  • Roof ridge repairs

Sunningdale Gable End Repairs

Local & Trusted Gable End Repair Specialists SL5

A gable is the triangular, upper part of a wall at the end of a ridged roof. A gable end (or gable wall) is the entire wall from the roof ridge to ground level.

The gable end is exposed to the elements and supports a large amount of the roof weight, over time the weight of the roof may cause older gable ends to bow, or the cement holding roof tiles to the Gable end may require some maintenance or repair. Homefix have years of experience in all Roof repairs, including Gable End repairs.

  • Gable End Repointing
  • Gable End Brick Repair / Replacement
  • Gable End Reinforcement
  • Gable End Waterproofing
Local Gable End Repair Experts Sunningdale

Gable End Inspections

If you would like to book an appointment for one of our specialist team members to inspect your Gable End for any structural damage please contact us today.

With safety at the forefront of what we do, we ensure that we use the correct safety measures and equipment when repairing gable ends.

Sunningdale Garage Roof Repairs

Garage Roof Repair Specialists SL5

Homefix offer professional, high quality and efficient garage roof repairs throughout the Sunningdale area, from minor repairs to full garage roof replacement. You will find our team friendly, clean and tidy and most importantly affordable.

With years of experience repairing all types of garage roofs, including pitched or flat roofs, Homefix is a name you can trust.

Garage Roof Repairs Sunningdale
Flat Garage Roof Repair near me

20 Year Guarantee on All Roof Repairs

Our three-layer systems are the most popular, due to their affordability and durability. We also offer up to a 20-year guarantee on most of our roofing services. We can install and repair all types of flat roofs, including the most popular Garage Roof materials:

  • Felt Garage Roof
  • Fibre Garage Roofs
  • Rubber Garage Roofs
  • Slate Garage Roofs
  • Tiled Garage Roofs

Cost of Garage Roof Repairs in Sunningdale

The cost of laying and repairing a garage roof will be affected by several factors as described in more detail below.

For us to ensure we are quoting for the right work to repair your Sunningdale garage roof, one of our Homefix specialist roof surveyors will need to inspect the roof. This ensures we can give you the correct quote as well as a realistic timescale. Our qualified Garage Roof Survey teams will take photos of the work required and provide an estimate quote.

Flat roof costs are affected by:

  • The condition of the current roof
  • State of existing valleys, guttering, and downpipes
  • How long has the felt been on the roof
  • Stability of underlying ply and joists
  • The position of the roof to the sun
  • Existing and potential materials to repair the roof
  • Accessibility to the roof and repair area
  • and more!

Leaking Roof Valleys & Gulley Repairs in Sunningdale

Roof Valley Leaking - 24hr Emergency Repair

Expert Roof Valley Repairs Sunningdale

We have vast experience and expertise in repairing or replacing all types of roof valleys. We understand that even the highest quality roofs can develop faults or damage over time. Our leaking roof valley repair services are designed to repair a wide range of roof valley faults or even prevent them from happening altogether. 

Our leaking valley and gully repairs cover:

  • Concrete Valley Tile Repairs
  • Blocked Roof Valley Repairs
  • Lead Roof Valley Fatigue Splits
  • Fibreglass Roof Valley Failure
  • Plain Tiled Valley - Broken Tiles, age, etc

Roof Valley Repair & Replacements SL5

A roof valley is located where two sloped roofs meet. It’s designed to guide rainwater down the roof where it then typically discharges into the guttering. Roof valleys are subjected to more rainwater than any other part of the roof. During a downpour, the valley can experience a torrent of water and it’s not uncommon for an older roof valley to leak.

A common issue is leaks caused by blockages. If the valley is full of leaves, twigs and other organic material such as roof moss, rainwater may back up and enter the loft through the overlapping tiles. Blockages are fairly easy for professional roofers like Homefix to resolve and the work shouldn’t take long. If, however, the leak is due to failure of the valley components, then a full replacement or substantial repairs may be required.

Leaking Roof Valley Repaired in Sunningdale

Concrete Roof Valley Leak

These types of valleys are notorious for leaking, the tiles are so heavy that they often cause the roof timbers to sag, gaps then appear, or the tiles slip, and the result is always the same, they leak. Concrete tiles often crack and can be difficult to replace without damaging others. Temporary repairs are possible, but concrete valley tiles should ideally be replaced with a more modern and reliable product such as fibreglass.

Fatigue Split Leaking Lead Roof Valley

Some roof valleys are made with lead, which is long-lasting, waterproof and flexible enough to use almost anywhere on a roof.  Lead has a high rate of thermal expansion; it expands a lot when it gets hot and shrinks a lot when it gets cold. This can result in splits, which causes water ingress. If roofing lead has splits it needs a repair with a sleeve, or if it is too thin then whole valley will need replacing with thicker lead or fibreglass.

Local Roof Valley & Gulley Repair Contractors

Fibreglass roof valley failure

Fibreglass is a popular material to use in a roof valley, it’s lightweight, cheap, resists UV rays and is watertight. Unfortunately, older fibreglass products weren’t as sturdy as their modern counterparts. Some that were installed 20 – 30 years ago are cracking, splitting or leaking. One-off damage, perhaps from a fallen tree branch, can often be repaired while damage due to age or wear and tear may require a full valley replacement.

Blocked Roof Valley

If a roof valley is blocked by organic material such as leaves and twigs, then rainwater may back up and enter the loft. Bits of broken tile, concrete, old aerial cables or brackets or any other part of the roof that’s damaged or broken off can also become lodged in the valley where it blocks the flow of water. If your valley is leaking, Homefix can remove any blockages and inspect the valley itself for any signs of damage or wear and tear.

Plain Tiled Valley (broken tiles, aging, etc)

Plain tiles are small tiles and many roof valleys will have been constructed with these tiles. Tiled roof valleys fail and leak for various reasons, for example a broken tile in the centre of the valley or the general age of the roof, wear and tear or failed and rotten timbers. Repairs are often straight-forward, replace a broken tile for a new one or if necessary, replace the full valley.

Why choose Homefix for your roof repairs?

Most of our work comes from recommendation by existing customers, which is a testament to our level of service and workmanship.

Our clients benefit from a skilled workforce with a track record of integrity and professionalism and all our roof repair services are of high quality and cost-effective.

With public liability insurance, competitive prices, and our guarantees, we remain the preferred roofers in Sunningdale.

You can rely on our expertise and professionalism when it comes to quality roof repair solutions.

  • Qualified and experienced roofers
  • All work guaranteed
  • No call out charges
  • Competitive local pricing
  • Free surveys & no obligation quotes
  • Fully insured local company
  • Reliable, trusted and friendly staff
  • Highly recommended

Local & Trusted Roof Repair Specialists

Our qualified and experienced roofers  have been carrying out roof repairs and emergency roof repairs for many years and there is very little that we have not encountered, repaired, or replaced. Our roof repair services include:

  • Tiled roof repairs
  • Slate roof repairs
  • Pitched roof repairs
  • Flat roof repairs & replacement
  • Roof valley repairs
  • Roof ridge repairs
  • Damaged roof repairs
  • Garage roof repairs
  • Porch roof repairs
  • Dormer roof repairs
  • Bay window roof repairs
  • Velux window roof repairs
  • Chimney repairs
  • Leadwork
  • Replacing rotten battens
  • Roof cleaning, coating, and sealing

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You really can rely on our expertise and professionalism and that's why we remain the preferred local roofers in Sunningdale. Read some of our reviews by clicking here.

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